Audio Producer and Teacher of Music

Laude San Pedro International College – We Are the Fire

Whilst teaching at Laude San Pedro, Sean composed a song featuring the Laude Choir. 



Sean worked in collaboration with Tristan Palmer Studios by creating a sound design for a teaser trailer advertising their upcoming girl band audition.

More coming soon….

Q. What kind of services do you provide?

A. I provide one to one lessons in Piano and Guitar and I compose audio music and soundtracks (see my portfolio section and introduction video). Feel free to contact me for more details. 

Q. What is the best way to contact you?

A. You can contact me through social media, whatsapp or email by clicking the links above. Include as much detail as possible in your request. 

Q. How did you get into music? 

A. This one is easy. It has been my passion and hobby since I can remember. I enjoy collaborating with others, building projects and creating the bigger picture. My experience of teaching has helped me to teach others the skills I have learnt.